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Non Spark, Non Magnetic, Corrosion Resistant.
SAFETY TOOLS® were developed to reduce the risk of user sparks igniting combustible products.
Non-Spark, Non-Magnetic tools are approved by Factory Mutual Research Corporation as Non-Spark, Non-Magnetic, and meet OHSA requirements for Non Spark tools. Ampco Metal is a major supplier to GSA and many military standards are drawn around Ampco Metal -supplied tools, which also
have NATO and European Approval.
SAFETY TOOLS® offer the widest, most comprehensive Non-Spark, Non-Magnetic catalogue for Non-Spark, Non-Magnetic tools, and have been the market leaders for over 70 years with tools made from a range of alloys developed by Ampco Metal and tailored to meet the specific mechanical
Aluminium Bronze alloys are used for most of the tools, offering a beryllium-free alternative to our customers, although copper beryllium tools are also available. Sizes and tolerances are based on ANSI, Military, DIN or National Standards for steel tools. Ampco Metal engineers have made
adequate allowance for the lower mechanical properties of aluminium bronze, which allows Ampco Metal to offer a comprehensive Lifetime Warranty*.
> Comprehensive Catalogue
The following table lists the range of tools available, but Ampco Metal also offers a wide range of custom designed Non Sparking tools, sockets and accessories to meet the needs of its customers. Please consider the catalogue as only a starting point.
> Applications
A list of the principal industries and applications served is attached. The list is not exclusive and every day, new applications arise.
> Do I need to speak to Ampco Metal?
If you are in any of the above businesses or your Risk Assessment Analysis benchmarks any of the following needs you should contact Ampco Metal for advice.
Non-sparking or spark-resistant, non-magnetic, low Mu, corrosion-resistant, marine, non-marring, confined-space tools. Spill control or containment situations also suggest the use of SAFETY TOOLS®.
> OSHA Recommendations
The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the United States of America, Labor Department directives refer to the use of Non Spark Tools in the following Regulations.
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HÁK VENTILOVÝ  CX0400, Atex TUV certifikát
HÁK VENTILOVÝ  CX0500, Atex TUV certifikát
HÁK VENTILOVÝ  CX0600, Atex TUV certifikát


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