ponúkame nový smartphone SMART-EX 201

21.01.2017 08:28


Worker safety with Smart-Ex® 201
An ultra-rugged, unlocked, LTE / WiFi / Android™ smartphone, the Smart-Ex® 201 comes with unrivalled features:
For example, a touch screen that can be seen in direct daylight and effortlessly utilized with messy or wet work gloves. 
A to a great degree boisterous speaker, clamor cancelation, a capable battery, water and drop resistance and a discretionary 3-Year Service Level Agreement are only a few components of the Smart-Ex® 201 that give genuine feelings of serenity to en deavors and specialists alike. 
Access to profitability applications and specialist wellbeing and additionally a full suite of mechanical evaluation adornments finishes the arrangement. 
Opened and SIM free – permitting association with any system around the world 
ninth era of I.S. cellular telephones (unwavering quality reputation) 
Quality control led in Germany, in view of very nearly 30 years involvement in the Ex-market 
Android™ 4.4, KitKat - Most generally utilized Android framework